The way we see it, that means doing what is necessary and reasonable. First we develop a well-founded strategic and conceptual direction, based on the instruments of modern marketing and networking, combined with our entrepreneurial skills. Then we transform all that into creative ideas and efficient marketing measures.

Strategically communication

Corporate Identity • Corporate Design • Corporate Brand Management • Corporate Behavior • Public Relations • Product Publicity

Corporate – to develop the similarities – on many levels
This way a uniform appearance on all levels is achieved and the image enhanced. This is the basis for all kinds of communication. It needs to be precisely conceived, maintained and to be lived and spread into all areas.

We always see to these things with a holistic approach to, in the end, achieve the success the company has hoped for.

And you can also be sure, that we will provoke conversations and discussions – with classical Public Relation and specific Product Publicity, both becoming more and more important. Target groups can also be specifically approached by the new social media channels, which also make success measurable.

Sales Promotion / Online and classical media planning

Promotions • Sponsoring • Co-operations • Cross Selling • Direct Marketing • Exhibitions

The demands on good media planning have increased. Target groups are both, more differentiated and better identifiable. That’s why a perfect combination of the available different channels is a prerequisite of a successful marketing communication. To reach all target groups in an efficient way integrated thinking and to find the optimal mix of all marketing channels is a must.


Market Analysis • Packaging Design • Product Development

Everything is in motion – markets are very much alive. Competition gets stronger by the day.
There is a boom in private labels. Consumers are stressed from too much information. To overcome these challenges, simplicity, clear messages and clear designs are demanded.By using this tools a brand can establish itself in a given market, be unique and successful.

A name is much more than just identification. It has to be sensible integrated in the existing product range. Its specific place within this range has to be identified first.

The look of a brand or a product needs to be more than just ‘nice’, it has to fulfill the demands of the market and the target group. Is the budget small, the role of the packaging design increases. We are experienced in working for small and huge brands.

Logo Design

Name development • Visualization

The word logo comes from a Greek common stem, meaning
“Lesson”, “Word”, “Speech”, “Sense”.
Logo and name have to fulfill important tasks: They tell the story of their originators, they transport a feeling for the brand and are a picture of the company. Are they able to achieve all of that, they make sense and deliver a clear message.

Classical Advertising

Print • Poster • TV • Radio • Cinema

The different channels of the so-called “classical advertising” have not lost their importance. Even though advertising channels are more diverse today. Being an entrepreneurial agency, we are not thinking in the category of “advertising” only but for over its limits. Because we work over borders and more fundamentally, we know when to choose which channel to be successful.

The basis of all that is market and target group analysis, strategy, concept phase, realization and control of success.

Digital Media / Social Media

Interfacedesign • Shop System Development, Programming, Maintenance • AP Development • Internet Marketing • Online (Social Media) Targeting • Development of Data Bases • SEM, SEA, SEO

A new era began in 1991: the Internet changed the world. The digital age is actually quite young and still very fast in its developments. It has revolutionized our thinking and doing and has also changed communication channels drastically.

We have been working in and with the new media for a few years already. We do this with partners that are experts in this field. We learned, that this new media is able to do much more, than just show a company on a nicely designed webpage.

The Internet reaches new target groups, makes products look younger, is fast in spreading the news and cost-efficient in comparison with, for example, an ad campaign. In addition you can develop whole new marketing concepts through targeted tracking.

Our offers go from designing your webpage to developing your online shop but also to more complex measurable systems.